25 Years

It’s hard to believe that SXSW is 25 this year, wow! As a kid growing up in Austin with dreams of being in a band (although I can’t carry a tune) , I always tried to take advantage of the festivities where I could. This year I’m thankful to not only partake in Music, but also to take advantage of the ever expanding Interactive Festival.

As a newbie to Interactive this year I came in with a packed agenda and an open mind. Day 1 did not disappoint! I started my 3:30 panel (Expressing Yourself Musically With Mobile Technology) a bit perplexed. The speaker opened the session by writing code and showing how the code translated into melodies. I quickly started scanning my list to find a back up thinking my background in music marketing and advertising was in for way too much tech in this session. I’m glad I stayed.

If you haven’t checked out Smule’s social music apps, I highly recommend it….all of them….from the Leaf Trombone to I Am T-Pain. This panel showcased how today’s savvy smartphone users are leaning on these aps to not only have fun, but also developing community on a global landscape- rating performances, listening in, and even sharing videos on YouTube.

I tried learning guitar a couple of years ago, perhaps I should move on to the virtual trombone.

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