all these worlds are yours: Visualizing Space Data

I had no idea how many amazing sites NASA has. I’m usually a NOAA nerd, but I think I found a new hobby. Since the topic was visualization; you should see for yourself…

Download the most recently transmitted, raw images from the Mars Exploration Rover to play with:

Legitimize your paranoia about near earth asteroids…

These two were the highlight but you have to install unity 3D. The visualizations are updated to as close to real time as you can get with this type of data.   zoom in on the Apophis asteroid and see how close to earth it’s trajectory is predicted to near earth in 2029

http://solar   (Still in its beta stage) Takes a little bit of playing with; it’s fun to zoom in and out of the solar system but double click on voyager 2 – it’s 8 billion miles away.

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