A random guy in the crowd at today’s #4chan #hatersgonnahate panel had an interesting quote: When it comes to online advertising, advertisers are the echo, not the boom.

In the context of #4chan, it spoke to the authenticity and originality of the site’s content and the real-time nature that the content is either heralded or scathed before making its way into the world at large.

But in the context of advertising, I found it to be an interesting way of filtering ideas and executions down to their simplest creative truths. Are they a BOOM or are they merely an echo off a previous idea or borrowed interest.

The irony was not lost that the proceeding panel in the same ballroom was the W+K Old Spice recap. A campaign that not only served to create a boom in our industry (through years of trial and error mind you) but that also matriculated its way into and was heralded by the world of #4chan itself.

A recurring theme in a few of my panels today was a reminder that we no longer have to start from scratch with every new project or technology platform we create for our clients.

Or, just because there’s a budget to build a custom search feature or a coordinate heavy geo-position system, doesn’t mean you have to. Take advantage of existing technology.

The same reasons that tech start-ups no longer require millions in up-front VC money, massive amounts of hardware and newly developed software to launch a product can be applied to the world of marketing and brand platforms.

The key is to have talent around that knows what’s out there and can apply it at the right times to the right projects.

So reinvent yourself. Become resourceful. Keep reading Wired. Dive into the tech blogs. Stalk a Google employee. And stay curious.