Bike To Work Day

Today is bike to work day. I didn’t bike to work today I drove (I’ve been driving for almost a month) because I’m sort of injured, but for the last 6 years I have ridden my bike to work almost every workday. Despite being hurt I rode to work on Wednesday (because I enjoy riding my bike a million times more than driving…even if it’s pouring rain I would rather ride my bike) and on the way in I was waiting in line at a light (like a car) at 51st and Airport. The light is timed really terribly so that at 8:30 am 2 cars can get through before it changes. So I had to sit through the light twice. While I was waiting the second time an older gentleman in a truck right in front of me says “hey” I didn’t know where the voice came from at first so I looked around puzzledly. So he says “hey” again. So I said “what?” Then he went on to thank me for obeying the law and told me there aren’t many cyclists that do, and that I was a shining beacon of awesomeness (more or less). I thanked him and we parted ways. Of course I expected him to tell me to get out of the road, but I rode the rest of the way to work thinking that dude was pretty ok. I used to run red lights and ride like a jackass, but after enough close calls I decided I should cool it. Besides cyclists riding like jackasses are a big reason lots of motorists hate cyclists. I read this article earlier about how to not kill a cyclist. I found it pretty right on and perhaps some motorists might enjoy it. When I see a motorist run a red light I think what a jackass, but I don’t hold it against every motorist because I am a motorist. When I see a cyclist run a red light I think what a jackass, but I don’t hold it against every cyclist because I am a cyclist. Anyway just try to be decent to each other out there.

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