Can we see things like kids again?

By Will Chau


I remember seeing Picasso’s Bull’s Head for the first time in junior high. I was in an art class, flipping through magazines so I could find an interesting image to airbrush (hey, it was 1983).

When I saw the image, something jolted inside me. It was the first time I had ever seen two unrelated objects merged together to create something completely new. I couldn’t explain it to myself other than thinking, “Wow. That’s neat.”

At the risk of sounding nostalgic, I live for those moments to this day. To be inspired by images and ideas through the eyes of my childhood.

To not judge, or think,

“Hey, that bicycle, handle bar thing’s been done.”

“Is a bull’s head the right message to send to our audience?

“To dismantle our product is not premium.” (German, auto manufacturer accent)

Sometimes, I’ll notice my two girls when they see something that fascinates them. They may grin slightly or just stare wildly. Usually, they don’t say anything. But I know what they’re thinking.


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