Carpe Production! Behind the Scenes on our Latest Campaign for Southwest Airlines

When Southwest Airlines approached GSD&M to create a new campaign to promote their Nationwide Fare Sale, there was only one thing to do: go on vacation!Together with production company Supply & Demand, we captured beautiful footage to highlight the kind of vacations we all daydream about, bringing to life the campaign’s mantra: “Carpe Vacay.”

Here are some behind-the-scenes photos from our three shooting locations.

MONTE RIO, CAProps to the props department for the ideal fly fishing equipment.Even when fishing on the naturally beautiful Russian River, it’s good to have a stellar lighting crew.If you’re not laughing during a Southwest Airlines shoot, you’re not doing it right. Our director, Sean Thonson, demonstrates the proper technique.Local families took a keen interest in the crew’s activities that day.

NAPA, CACuvaison’s Tasting Room couldn’t have been a better backdrop for our “Wine Tasting” spot. Pay them a visit the next time you Carpe Vacay in Napa.Getting the right shot sometimes means being the guy behind the tasting bar. It’s a tough job, but somebody has to do it.

If you’ve ever spilled wine at a party, you can empathize with this moment. No stunt double required.Our actors were on their feet most of the day, but it’s hard to complain about these work conditions.

GREENVILLE, SCBlue skies and happy skid marks greeted us in South Carolina.

Do not attempt this at home. Seriously, how would you even get out of the garage with all that rigging?How cool is riding shotgun with a highly-skilled stunt driver? Creative Director, Brian Pudder’s reaction should tell you everything you need to know.You may not have a pursuit car with camera rigging to capture your own driving experience, but you can drive off into the sunset at the BMW Performance Driving School.

Of course, to travel to each location, we flew Southwest all the way. #CarpeVacay

All photos by Ben Thoma

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