Chchchchchchanges: The Facebook Edition

By Katie Comerford

As many of you may have seen, Facebook once again has been redesigned.  You may like it, or you may not.  $20 says it’s not the last redesign you will have to deal with.  Even though many will post about the aggravation, it’s not going to keep you off Facebook and Mr. Zuckerberg knows that.

Media nerd alert: 46 million Americans (12 years and older) log on to their social sites several times a day.

However, none of that is the biggest FB news of today.  Today’s F8 conference held in San Francisco, was full of “blue triangle” Top News-worthy announcements.   Facebook is looking at ways to take over the social landscape for the web.  They want to connect everyone with everything, and find it a home on your wall.

Embedly Powered

One of the biggest announcements centered around the Timeline feature that help users share their life stories with the emphasis on recency and overall importance.  Zuckerberg commented that the wall can get cluttered with less important items and Timeline should help correct this.  Users are able to update their Timelines to highlight important life events and tell their story.

Check out a video from ABC and Facebook that explain further.

The second big announcement is the usage of Open Graph.  Partnering with Netflix (America’s PR Darling), Spotify and others, this new feature will allow users to see and hear what their network is listening to and watching simply within Facebook.  Facebook is looking to be a social entertainment hub to further decrease human productivity.  But hey, now you can know what TV series your friends watch and creepily watch along from your home.  Facebook stalking just got even weirder.

All very interesting stuff, and I’m only providing a top line summary of it all.  It will be interesting to see what advertising partnerships become available with Open Graph.  Stay tuned.

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