Cool stuff: 3D Printing at GE Garage

Today I saw 3D printing in action for the first time at the GE Garage set up at 4th and Guadalupe.

 Innovators hard at work

They were giving a demo of the MakerBot Replicator which is a small home model of 3D printer.

The MakerBot Replicator

While we were there they were creating/printing a gear for a robot which will take 2 hours to print.


Close ups of the MakerBot printing a gear for a robot

This is the “ink” that the MakerBot uses, biodegradable plastic cord

Here’s some other stuff the created by the MakerBot.

Moving pliers

An orange hand making the OK sign

A T Rex

The GE Garage was really cool and worth checking out. The people working there were real helpful and nice. I also learned that permanent GE Garages exist in San Francisco and Brooklyn where you pay a monthly fee to use their 3D printers and other cool equipment. Ideas can be taken from design to prototype in a few hours. So keep your eyes and ears open because they plan to open a GE Garage right here in Austin by the end of the year!

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