Crowdfunding For Your Favorite Local Businesses

It seems like every other day, there’s a new crowdfunding website coming online, trying to help entrepreneurs and indie filmmakers raise money for a project they’re passionate about.  Some of the ones you’ve probably heard of: Kickstarter, Indiegogo, and Start Some Good.

But what if you’re already an established small business and you want to expand or do something new at your current location?

That’s where Lucky Ant comes in.  It’s a new crowdfunding website that allows small-scale entrepreneurs to ask their community of customers for a little help with funding special projects.  For customers who already love the business, it’s a way for them to contribute beyond their daily purchase and make “micro-investments” to help the business grow.

Here’s how it works.

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Right now, it’s only available in NYC, but I imagine it will be as ubiquitous as Kickstarter in the next several months.  If Lucky Ant were to come to Austin next, which businesses would you like to make micro-investments in?  Book People?  Austin Java? Alamo Drafthouse?  Which are your favorite local businesses that you wish had the money to expand?

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