CSS Implementation is a work in progress

CSS implementation speaks to the purpose of Curiosity, and how we can do it better. At one point one of the panelist stated that design is driven by technology, and then another panelist said that at times technology can be driven by the designer. Is this the perfect symbiotic relationship? Both the designer and the developer can and do contribute to the evolution of CSS. We’ve been having conversations in our agency for years about how to break down the silos, how to create environments where everyone can contribute. This is an example where that theory proves to be true and beneficial.

The panelists were all members of the CSS Working Group, representing different browsers. This is the group that sets the specs for CSS and determines how it’s implemented and the interoperability. They are a passionate group and really excited about upcoming features, one of which I’m really looking forward to is the new capability for font usage and display.

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