Developers: Music’s Newest Gatekeepers

Yes, they are. Move over DJs, music magazines, record stores and A&Rs, developers are the newest gatekeepers in the music industry. It’s no secret or great surprise that the music has been greatly affected by the digital era, so it makes sense that traditional mediums of discovering music and the gatekeepers that create them would also change. Developers are using open APIs to create apps for mobile devices, software and hardware to collect music, info about musicians and stats that include events, gig tickets, music similarities, content streams, recos and more. How do they do this? Through events like Music Hack Day – – where developers/music lovers get together, drink a lot of beer, eat a lot of pizza and develop “the next generation of music apps” in less than 24hrs AND they don’t get paid for it. They do, however, win cool prizes like Invisible Instrument, which I’m geeking out on.

Nice quote from the panel summary on the SXSW app for Love, Music and APIs: “Someone once said ‘APIs are the sex organs of software. Data is the DNA’ If this is true, then Music Hack Days are orgies.”

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