Don’t Give Me An Epidural

I’m running on fumes. My feet are killing me. I haven’t been eating well. And I’m having a blast.

Looking back at some of the greatest and most exciting experiences in my life, they’re often surrounded by a similar list of complaints and struggles. But maybe that’s what makes them so great. Maybe the aches and pains and complete loss of bladder function make finishing the marathon that much sweeter. It’s never fun at the time, but now that it’s over I’m glad I walked 10 blocks in the pouring rain without an umbrella, sat in gum and have a blister on my foot the size of an Oreo. Because without the 144 hours of labor I wouldn’t have my beautiful, bouncing SXSW baby.

Anyway, I think everyone would agree SXSW takes a lot out of you, but it gives A LOT back in return. I’ve attended a ton of amazing stuff (Jeffrey Tambor’s Acting Workshop and The View From Inside Rainn Wilson’s Brainstem were a couple highlights), I’ve learned a bunch of important things (Did you know originality is a moving target?) and I’ve connected with a group of really cool people (Yes, you!). I can’t wait for next year.

I’ll leave you with a picture of Dee Dee Swartz.

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