All Kinds of Fun – In Festival Form

Like Pachanga? How about hot sauce? Who doesn’t like Eeyore? We’ve got a festival for everyone. But if you’re the “rock/metal/rap music + comedy + food + wrestling + other action sports” type, then there is nothing quite like Fun Fun Fun Fest.

As “the world’s foremost aficionados of fun and fellowship,” the festival caters to all the creative types our city has to offer. James Moody of Transmission Entertainment sat down to talk to us about The Mohawk, Guerilla Suit and the origins of Fun (the festival, not the band). This man has his finger on the creative pulse of our city. And it is beating. Hard.

FFFFest is November 7-9 at Auditorium Shores. Find more info here: http://funfunfunfest.com/

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