Roadhouse Relics

We like to get out and explore the eclectic offerings of Austin. And if you’re looking for cool and funky — go no farther than the stylings of local artist Todd Sanders of Roadhouse Relics.

Todd Sanders is more than a neon sign artist; he is an American treasure. What sets Todd apart is that he is one of a few living artists still practicing and preserving the technique of producing neon signs without the benefit of computer-aided design. A self-taught master craftsman, his dedication to the creation of original neon sign is apparent to both art connoisseurs and pop culture enthusiasts alike.

Working for over a decade under the auspice of his South Austin studio, Roadhouse Relics, each of his works are created by hand. This video chronicles his start to finish process on a sign he created for Shepard Fairey’s new gallery in Los Angeles. Said Fairey of his work,

“For me, street art is putting work in public for all to see without compromise. My art is a creative dialogue with the people, and I think Todd Sanders achieves the same thing through the medium of a sign-making. His work challenges the notion of a sign being purely for driving capitalism and demonstrates a craftsmanship and authenticity which bring art and commerce together. Beauty and style are essential to both good art and branding, and these values are powerfully reflected in the intricacies of Todd’s work.”

You can check out his website RoadhouseRelics.com or visit him in his South Austin studio at the corner of South First and Annie. His gallery is opening on Thursday, March 14. You can RSVP on Facebook here.


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