Feed your dog like you love them.

This is Scout and I spoil her. This weekend I spent two hours researching dog food simply because she seemed indifferent to the food I was feeding her. I figured she must not like it very much so I set out to find something she would like. Big mistake. Once I started looking into dog foods I discovered just how poor the quality is of most brands. Shocking. How dare they make dog food not fit for a dog? Anyway, I found this amazing site,, that lists most the major brands and many you’ve never heard of. They have a simple five-star rating system and break down and describe every single ingredient in each brand reviewed. Incredibly informative. The biggest surprise? Not that the name brand “healthy” dog food I was giving Scout was anything but healthy. No. The big surprise was that the Costco brand food made by Kirkland has four stars and is “highly recommended.” I’ll be buying that in the future. In the meantime, I mixed a bag of Blue Buffalo Wilderness in with the rest of the junk I was feeding her. Scout is a now a much more enthusiastic eater.

PS: The pic of Scout is from when she was six weeks old. She’s now seven months old and a solid beast of a dog. And a sweetheart.

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