Food Pornography with Anthony Bourdain

Regardless of what it may sound like, if you are a fan of good food as I am, you will know what “Food Porn” refers to. The no reservations style of Bourdain presenting the delicatessen found in common underground type places in different cities around the world has now embraced social media to augment its success.

Bourdain and his team have done an amazing job of utilizing social media to engage with people and let them, the viewers, play a key role in shaping up the show itself. Through facebook and twitter interactions, viewers are able to weigh in on where should the famous chef and his entourage go next, provide tips about the places where the crew is, comment on photos and information posted by the crew in real time and to keep a direct and very engaging conversation with Bourdain. Talk about getting instant feedback from your viewers…

In addition to relying on Twitter and Facebook to communicate with their viewers, the Bourdain crew utilize technologies such as the Livestream Backpack to do live webcasts through youtube or other online channels and satiate the hunger for food adventures present in their loyal fan base.

Viral webisodes? Just watch the 2011 Bourdain Christmas webisode with Samantha Brown on YouTube. Bourdain’s charismatic personality and special sense of humor certainly do not hinder the success of these. The ease of use and wide reach of these modern day tools certainly are a dream come true for those out there who know how to leverage them. The product of a controversial book continues to publish his food pornography on paper, but he certainly also provide a good dose of it online. Smart move which will keep him relevant for a long time to come.

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