Ghouls, Spirits, Dogs & Miley; A Very GSD&M Halloween

The GSD&M ghouls came out to play yesterday. Between the costume contest, pumpkin carving and pet parade, our employees (and their four-legged pals) got seriously into the spirit of the season.

Departments showed off their collaborative creativity with some snazzy pumpkins. There were Wrecking Balls and “Orange is the New Black” prisoners aplenty, but top prizes went to Quality Assurance’s “No Time Sheets” for scariest pumpkin scene, IT’s “Smashed Apple Cider” for most technical and Production’s “Billy Wonka” for funniest gourd.

(Note to all employees: make sure you submit your timesheets. The Quality Assurance team’s pumpkin may or may not have been a warning.)Top costumes went to That One Guy From That One 80s Band, Kevin McCallister from Home Alone and Elaine Benes of Seinfeld. “Keep the change, you filthy animal.”And in true Austin style, we brought our pets to the party.Check out more photos on Facebook.

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