Going Amish

Let me start by saying that I, in no way, intend on offending any Amish people. But if someone Amish happens to be reading this – (then you aren’t Amish and) I am truly sorry.

It takes a sincere effort for some of us to go offline for even a few minutes. Next time you’re at a meal or in a meeting, see how much time passes until someone in the room checks their phone. I’m guilty of it too. And what are we all waiting for? Groundbreaking news? A life-changing update? Nope. Most people are just perusing their stream of information.

All of this connectivity is getting in the way of our productivity.

Last week in a meeting, one of our creative directors suggested that everyone stack their phones on the table and no one could pick up their phone until the meeting was over. We happily obliged, but a couple minutes in the nervous habit started to kick in. What am I missing? Nothing. Somehow I survived to write this post.

The phone stack can be applied at meetings or certain social situations. Someone suggested the first person to look at their phone during a meal picks up the check for the table. What do we stand to gain from this stack? Perhaps a little more human interaction. Maybe an opportunity to concentrate on the matter at hand rather than the hot topic coming in.

Stacking your phone does not make you Amish, but it is a move in the right direction to help us focus again. Just think of what we can accomplish!

(Image courtesy of Roo Reynolds)

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