Headache Backache Earache

My head hurts. SXSW interactive is over I don’t want to hear about code or clouds or location based blah blah blah for at least the next 5 days. Bring on the music. Being in a band seems glorious right. You haul a ton of stuff around get some free drink tickets for 2 PBRs. Set up all of your stuff as fast as possible. PLAY (this is the good part). Then get everything off as fast as possible so the next band can play. Then some girl says, (while you’re trying to get gear off stage) “That was really great. What are your influences?” Then you say “I listen to a lot of dub”. Then she walks off. Your an old bald married dude with a bad back so who cares right? Deep down you’re wondering…did she think I meant dubstep? Then you remember you still have to load the van.

^^^^^^^^^^Nate’s bloody bass.

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