“Hi, my name is John. And I’m an overtweeter.”

Yep. It happened. I went to a panel that was essentially the closest thing to an AA meeting for people who are addicted to social media. It was titled Tweeting on The Weekends – Are We Becoming Socially Anti-social?

The answer around the room tilted towards yes. However, the confusion and discussion centered around the definition of overtweeting. At what point to we begin to realize that our involvement and interaction with social media has crossed a line?

A series of questions like the one below were asked to the crowd in the room:

1. You are at a party waiting to meet up with a friend who is on their way, but currently are talking with a new acquaintance. You hear your phone buzz with a text message or a tweet. Do you A. quickly peek at your phone to see where they are and if they made it okay. You text back if they need something.  OR B. ignore your phone and keep talking so that you are not considered rude.

Not surprisingly, the room was split. Not just for this question, but for every question the panelists asked the audience.

So where do we draw the line? And if we decide to draw it, should the line be the same for everyone?

It seems that we have a long way to go considering policing social media, but we also realized that the social media vehicles shouldn’t monitor what is being said, the users should. We need to be responsible for the filter problem that social media creates and be knowledgeable about which vehicle to use when. In the clutter of information that is on twitter, here are a few tips on how we can resist overtweeting and sift through the piles of information to find what we really want.

-Set aside specific times during your day, or one day a week to not use technology

-Create a pie chart of your daily activity and actively monitor how much time you are spending doing certain things.

-Only tracking what you are looking for at that particular time on Twitter. (Search a specific hashtag).

-Think about all of the people who are following you. Do they really care about what you are going to say?

-Call your Mom and read her all the Tweets you sent yesterday.



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