Ho Ho Ho-ly Crap I Drank Too Much

With holiday decorations in stores mid-April, or so-it-seemed, it’s that time of year again when people in the advertising/marketing world dial up their celebratory outfits and pray their tolerance levels hold up. Why? Because no other industry is as passionate about their work and winning new business than advertising. So how do we celebrate? With holiday parties lasting as long as game day tailgates, drinking carts that come around too little or too much, the enjoyment of Pepto-Bismol as coffee cream and cab vouchers as party favors.But leading up to the parties, here’s how various departments in an agency handle the holiday spirit.

Across the board, media departments fare the best. All the buying and planning has paid off with vendors sending cookies, pastries, tchotchkes and liquor, lots of liquor and all to say “thanks!” If you need an afternoon high, visit your best friend in media.

The creative department. The holidays were made for this department. The idea guys, the dreamers – all know how to rule a bad sweater, white elephant or 12 bars of Christmas event.

If producers are not off on a shoot, they know how to rock a party. Bohemian Rapsody, Bone Thug’s Crossroads, or Sweet Caroline – the production department could nail every note at a karaoke holiday event.

And it’s the other departments – Accounting, Account Service, Studio Services, Human Resources and New Business to name a few – that imbibe the holiday spirit. New Business and Account Service give agencies a reason to celebrate with new account wins and positive client stories. Human Resources for stocking and sending around the drink carts and Studio Services, Project Management and Operations for keeping things moving while a majority of the agency is using last minute vacation and “cough,” sick days.

So enjoy the holidays – hangovers and all – because it’s the only time making a mockery of yourself in front of coworkers is (somewhat) acceptable.

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