How Print Design is the Future of Interaction

I signed up for this panel expecting to learn about making print executions more interactive. In fact, it was just the opposite. In my favorite panel so far, Microsoft’s Mike Kruzeniski spoke about how the future of UI is (or should be) influenced by over 500 years of print design. Here are just a few takeaways.

• Unlike early days of graphic interface (think desktops, folders, etc.), the web has no need for physical metaphor. We don’t need to see a book icon, or physical book pages to understand its bookiness.

• Regardless of whether or not print is dead, print design isn’t.

• Good UI is guided by the same principles as good print design — color, type, hierarchy, and grids.

• Displays will eventually be everywhere. The looks of these interactive menus, ads, and maps should be crafted with the same thoughtfulness as their analog predecessors.

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