if someone asked you to build a house…

But you had never been in a house, you had never stepped on the front porch, unlocked the front door, never walked down a hall, turned a corner, washed your hands at a kitchen sink, reached for the towel rack to dry your hands…

What would that house look like? Can you imagine trying to build, or even draw a house, without ever having been in one or even seen one? The thought is completely absurd…as would be the output.

The point that I keep hearing at Boulder Digital Works that completely resonates with me is that you can’t plan for, you can’t concept for, you can’t sell for, and you can’t measure for something you’ve never seen, or tried. It’s simply impossible. And if we tried to create something we’ve never seen or experienced- with an example as obvious as a house- we know our efforts would be a complete disaster or a joke. Do we apply that same thought to our work every day?

Have we tried all the new things out there? Because scary enough: our new job is to know how to work with them. To make the best out of them. Or do we say “I think it’s silly…I don’t subscribe to RSS readers/Twitter/Facebook/Foursquare/etc.…it doesn’t apply to me.”

Everywhere I look here- the message is TRY IT. Try everything. 

More to come.






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