Instant Research. Instant Gratification.

One of the more interesting research projects I’ve encountered at SXSWi hasn’t been in a panel or featured speaker series or even a hallway discussion, I experienced it in the line at Starbucks. While waiting in the always long line at Starbucks across from the Convention Center, I was asked to fill out a 17 question survey on an iPhone in exchange for a Starbucks gift card. So let’s see, I’m in a line with nothing to do except check my Twitter feed yet again and I’m waiting to order and pay for something that the researcher is offering me for free. No brainer! Sign me up. The survey was indeed short and very easy to navigate on the iPhone. The brand (which will remain namless since I figure they may still be fielding) got some instant feedback from exactly who they wanted to hear from. Even Starbucks got something out of this deal. The girl at the counter said the researchers had easily given away hundreds of dollars worth of gift cards. Congrats to whoever thought up the idea for how to field this survey. It was a great example of right time, right place research where everybody wins.

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