Keeping Up with the SXSurrogates

If you haven’t had them sit still enough to catch their QR code on the back of their shirts, those feisty fifty SXSurrogates running around the Austin Convention Center are from all of the different departments from within GSD&M. While they are there to learn, of course, their primary focus is to relay great information for those who couldn’t make it down to SXSW this year.

They blog, they tweet and, oh my, they like to eat in Austin. You can meet them all here. Click each individual to see what they’ve been up to so far.

With two days of Surrogating under their belt, they’ve racked up a variety of posts on our blog. Check out some of these:

Interactive doesn’t mean we can’t talk about nature. Evan covers Biomimicry.

Here Dallas talks about marketing to American Dads.

Liz recommends her favorite places around Austin to check out while you’re not in sessions.

Keri grew up in Austin along with SXSW. She discusses their 25th anniversary and music apps.

Meet Lauren.

One of our Project Managers, Lauren Walker has been relating many of her panels to focus and fitness and how it all fits together. Lauren shares an important quote from the Sprinter Life Session in her post Short and Sweet. Coincidentally, she also happens to be short and sweet.Profile Pic FPOShe loves to run around Town Lake. She lives here.

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