Look out Groupon, Look Out Foursquare, Look Out World.

Today Facebook announced the arrival of Facebook Deals- along with the fact that they won’t charge small businesses to set up deals on their platform. For small businesses- this is huge. With a simple interface- small to large business owners can go in and build their own deal on Facebook in just a few steps. So far Gap, Chipotle, Alamo Drafthouse Cinema, Harrah’s, H&M, REI and Starbucks (to name a few) have already signed on to share deals in the upcoming weeks.

For consumers- this brings us everything we need via one simple login-in. Facebook Deals combined with Facebook Places essentially means that you will now be able to access deals (ads) based on your places (location) on the go and in real time.

Goodbye Foursquare, it was nice knowing you. AND- Facebook’s users are extremely engaged throughout their day. Goodbye Groupon and thanks for the idea.

I say that a bit flippantly- but long-term it seems its going to be Facebook and Google running things.


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