Make the Logo Smarter

There’s a popular question in advertising that clients love to ask.

“Can you make the logo bigger?”

But what about making the logo smarter?  What about logos that make you do a double-take?  Or a logo that hypnotizes you with its clever use of white space?

That’s what these logos do:Notice the arrow between the E and the X pointing ahead, suggesting a sense of forward momentum?  If you’ve never noticed it before, I promise you, now that you’ve seen it, you’ll never look at this logo the same way again.I always used to think the arrow was an odd little smile, representing customer satisfaction, but I recently learned that it means Amazon has everything you need, from A to Z.And from our very own here at GSD&M – the Drive to End Hunger logo.  Of course, you immediately notice that the D is a set of tire treads, but when you look at it a little longer, you begin to see that the word Drive is also a fork.  Clever stuff indeed.

What are some mesmerizing logos you’ve seen lately?  What do you love about them?



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