Media insights hit the jackpot for Las Vegas

I’ve got to take a minute on this sunny Friday and give some props to the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority. They went straight Don Draper and put an awesomely snarky, completely copy-driven ad in today’s edition of USA Today. (Any Man Men fans remember that episode? “Why I’m Quitting Tobacco?” Classic).

It’s a beautiful execution because it’s the perfect use of the medium. Let’s be real—pictures don’t always look awesome in newspapers. They just don’t. Newspapers are meant to be text. Matching the creative to the medium: check. But the real reason they deserve props is because this ad totally stemmed from media insight.

I can see the brief: “We need to reach more Baby Boomers. There are too many young people who just come here to get hammered, and they don’t do any of the big-ticket activities.” So a media person pulled media usage data, piped up and said, “You know, Baby Boomers are the only segment that over-indexes in newspaper consumption.” That insight made it in to the creative brief and resulted in a perfectly simple but totally spot-on ad. Simple insight, simple execution. Simply brilliant.



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