Mmmm, Animated Gif Meat

In honor of our newest client Barbasol, we hosted a competition between the men of the agency. The man who could throw a 10.2 pound frozen ham the farthest would win a close shave in our brand new barber chair.

Check out the animated gifs below compliments of Alexis Wilson.

Matteo the Mustache Kuhles:Meat-Throwing-Contest_Barbasol_Animation_001_LR

Ben “Headbandz” Thoma:Meat-Throwing-Contest_Barbasol_Animation_002_LRDavid “This Ham Is Nothing Compared to My Two Brand New Babies” Hughes:Meat-Throwing-Contest_Barbasol_Animation_003_LRTodd “Oh My God How Tall is That Guy” Nolley:Meat-Throwing-Contest_Barbasol_Animation_004_LRSpencer “Grilled Cheese” Gilliam:Meat-Throwing-Contest_Barbasol_Animation_005_LRSee all the meat-put photos here:

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