From The New York Times: Across the Generations, Advice on the Proper Shave

Published: January 27, 2013

Across the Generations, Advice on the Proper Shave

A BRAND born in 1919 is joining the parade of products hoping to define what it means to be a man today.

The campaign also features a redesign of the brand’s Web site,
Barbasol shaving cream, sold by Perio Inc., is to begin a cheeky campaign on Monday that carries the theme “Shave like a man.” The campaign includes commercials on television and radio; advertisements online; the Barbasol Web site,; promotional T-shirts with sayings that include “It’s like America on your face”; and a presence on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Read more here.


Oregon Trail

War Hero


Agency:  GSD&M
Launch Date:  January 28
Spot Title:  War Hero / Oregon Trail
Executive Creative Director: Jay Russell
Group Creative Directors: David Crawford
Creative Directors: Jake Camozzi; Tim Eger
Writer: Reagan Ward
Art Director: Madeline DeWree
Executive Producer: Bill Wine
Agency Producers:  Bill Wine
Prod Company: Partizan
Director: Tim Roper
Executive Producer: Shelia Stepanek, Partizan
Line Producer: Peter Trucco, Partizan
Editor:  Sam Selis; Beast Austin
Account Service:  Bo Bradbury, Megan Brittain
Director of Photography: John Lindley
Experience & Insights: Madhavi Reese
Graphics: Jim Reed; Beast Austin
Sound Design: Henry Boy
Music: Tonic

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