GSD&M Responds to Texas House Bill 4105

The Honorables Gov. Greg Abbott, Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, Speaker Straus, Members of the Texas Senate and the Texas House of Representatives.

In regard to House Bill 4105, GSD&M is writing to share our strong opposition of this and other anti-LGBT bills introduced during the 84th Legislature.

This bill is clearly an effort to skirt the ruling by Judge Orlando Garcia that struck down the state’s ban on gay marriage as unconstitutional. It stigmatizes the LGBT community, and we should all feel ashamed it’s even a topic of conversation.

It’s time to defeat this bill, broaden our mind-sets and put an end to discrimination. It is time for the people of Texas to stop worrying about people who love and instead turn our attention to people who hate.

GSD&M, like many Texas-based companies, was founded on the guiding principle that we are all in this together. We are a company that is nondiscriminatory and welcoming of all people and one that seeks out ways to celebrate diversity and individuality of freedom. It is the diversity of ideas that drive our business and lead to the ideas that drive our clients’ business.

Without an inclusive and open environment, our agency would fail. We wouldn’t be able to attract the best talent or cultivate a culture in which anyone can feel comfortable sharing his or her own beliefs, living their life and be proud to do so. We put our people first, and we expect our government officials to do so as well.

The clock is ticking, and GSD&M urges other Texas business leaders to speak out now and advocate for change so the generations to come are free of these discriminatory discussions and closed-minded thinking.

Let’s move Texas forward together.

Duff Stewart, CEO

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