Vin Diesel Joins Dodge, Forms “Brotherhood of Muscle”

Actor, producer, director and screenwriter Vin Diesel, known for driving legendary Dodge performance vehicles in his iconic role as Dom Toretto in the films of the Fast & Furious franchise, is extending his passion for muscle cars beyond the big screen through a partnership with Dodge. The star of The Fate of the Furious, Diesel currently headlines the number one film on the planet, which just took the spot of the world’s biggest global opening of all time.

Diesel powers a new campaign for Dodge and SRT, America’s mainstream and ultimate performance brands, and will be featured in a series of television ads—with the first three debuting May 1.

Forbes says:

‘Fast & Furious’ Star Vin Diesel Puts It All On the Line for Dodge In New TV Ads

By Dale Buss

Vin Diesel drives a Dodge in Dodge ads now.

Vin Diesel has driven Dodge performance vehicles for more than 15 years in his Fast & Furious movies. And now Dodge has gained the ultimate imprimatur from the reigning hero of silver-screen chase scenes and spectacular car crashes: Diesel himself is starring in a new series of TV ads for Dodge.

Fresh off a boffo worldwide box-office performance over the weekend by Diesel’s The Fate of the Furious, making it the globe’s top-grossing movie for the third straight week, Dodge is hatching three new TV ads starring Diesel under the slogan, “The Brotherhood of Muscle.”

The one 60-second and two 30-second spots depict Diesel and his band of pedal-gunning cohorts in Dodge’s Challenger and Charger muscle cars and even throws in a souped-up Durango SUV just to complete the brand story. After a short basso profundo soliloquy by Diesel about how bad-ass Dodge, its cars and its drivers are, each ad ends with him beckoning fans: “Welcome to the brotherhood of muscle.”

Dodge also ends the ads with its great, year-old tag line: “Domestic. Not Domesticated.” It perfectly sums up what Fiat Chrysler Automotive has been attempting to do with the Dodge brand since its decision several years ago to shed pretensions to make the marque as broad and mainstream as Ford or Chevy.

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