Our Men of Movember

You want to see what a month of hard work looks like? Take a look at these faces. These men let nature take it’s course and grow their facial hair out (despite some strange colors, grow patterns and textures). Growing a beard is easy…a mustache takes precision and bravery. And with all this fabulous looking stash-ery, came some fundraising.

As of today, Team Mopack has raised over $4,000 and they are still going. Top fundraiser Bill Bayne has taken his Facebook campaign to new levels using the fine stashed-faces of Freddie Mercury, Robert Goulet, Ernie Ford and many others to solicit donations almost daily. And it’s working! He’s raised over $2,000. Tyler Schultz has offered to match donations that he gets.  Rusty Broome — he’s working the “donate or I’ll just keep posting pictures of how creepy I look” route. This week’s final push of fundraising will hopefully close out the month of Movember with over $5,000. All of these efforts are helping to raise awareness and money for men’s health issues, specifically prostate and testicular cancer.

And what’s in it for you blog reader? Donate before the end of the week and comment below and we’ll send one lucky reader a special Team Mopack gift.

$1/$20/whatever you can spare:


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