Picture = 1,000 Words

I can’t do much writing this week. It’s positively too hot outside and it’s caused me to feel as withered as the struggling plants in Texas. So instead, I’ll share some lovely visuals I’ve found online and hope they either inspire you, or at least, give you a minute or two of joy.imageThis visual is from Eric Fisher’s Flickr set “See Something or Say Something”. It’s a  visual representation of geotagged photos and tweets that are denoted by colors, blue and orange. Pretty smart- and I like how data visualization is causing the common man to get more interested in information. Whatever works, right?imageThis is a photo of a light painting created by a group of German students with help from LED-loaded Roomba vacuums. Jackson Pollacky, no?Too Cool limited edition wall art 1/100 A4 (11.7in by 8.3in)And finally a cute little drawing by Ashley Percival I found on etsy. What a charming little fox.

That’s all for now. Thanks for viewing.

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