point-of-sale suckage


We’re bombarded with hundreds, probably thousands, of different kinds of advertising messages every day. It would be generous to say that maybe one or two are good, a handful might OK, and the thousands of others flat-out suck. On top of that pile of suck stands the most perplexing thing of all: point of sale.

But not just any point of sale (because who wouldn’t want to save 50 cents on a can of Campbell Soup, or try a sample pack of the new 120% whole wheat crackers now with 20% more whole wheat.). I’m talking about the guy standing inside a dirty old mattress on the side of a road advertising a limited-time-only half-off mattress sale while people zip by at 77mph. Or the guy sitting under a tent shilling cell phones and data plans in the back parking lot of an empty Chuck-E-Cheese. Or my absolute favorite, dancing sign twirlers announcing new condos available now, starting in the low $300’s.

Yeah that sweaty guy in a mattress costume really makes me want to lay down and cuddle up for a nap on a new (or most likely slightly loved-on) bed set. Shit, I also just realized that don’t have a cell phone and I NEED one right now. Well, as soon as I finish this last game of ski ball and redeem my tickets for a $25 pencil eraser top. Oh yeah, I also forgot that I don’t live anywhere. Maybe I’ll pick up one or two of those fancy new condo’s on my way not home. If I didn’t play so much ski ball, I probably could have picked up three of them. But hey, two new condos are better than no new condos.

I just don’t get it. I mean, point of purchase certainly has its place, but it’s not necessarily on the side of the road. How many condos have you bought because the tweaked-out guy dancing with a poster board on the side of the road caught your eye?

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