Social Media Isn’t Dead, It’s Boring.

“It’s boring to talk simply about the tools because the tools are just a way to reach people. We can argue the details endlessly (I don’t believe much in Klout, for instance), and we can announce the premature death of Tumblr/Twitter/Facebook and whoever. But it doesn’t matter. When we talk about restaurants (the tools), we mostly talk about the food (the content). When we talk about bands (tools), we talk about whether the music resonates (the content). When we talk about a good book (the content), we never ask what type of computer it was written on (the tools).

Should you put ads on Facebook? If that’s the worry point, you’ve got bigger worries. Is Pinterest worth your time? Who knows?”

This paragraph, from Chris Brogan, sums up my feelings on the matter completely. It’s time to be done talking about social media as though it is content or a thing in itself. It’s time instead to realize that it is simply a channel for content. A channel, as in a strait connecting two different bodies. Because that is all social media is. A tool, a channel, a strait, connecting different bodies because of their shared interest in a specific piece of content.

People often ask us about using social media and how we have leveraged it to find success for our clients. One project we are asked about quite frequently is the launch of the BMW 1 Series…click here or Google “Rampenfest, BMW” to get up to speed. Clients and prospects wonder what the magic mix was…what was the plan? What tools did you use? Was it Facebook or YouTube that did it? But I would argue that while there were certainly some smart plans in place, and there certainly need to be, it was the CONTENT that created the success. It was the feel good, humorous, fresh approach to the subject that caused people to view this phenomenon ALL OVER THE WORLD.

Bob Hope wasn’t famous because he was on TV. Bob Hope became famous because of his heart and the fact that he could deliver one-liners like a machine gun.  Just like Michael Jackson didn’t become the King of Pop BECAUSE he was on the radio. Michael Jackson became the King of Pop because he brought us something new…he made us think…and he could sing and dance like he was from another world.

It is the content that connects us. The tools, just make it possible.

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