Still Crazy After All These (Three) Years… A Brief Recap of GSD&M’s Industry Party

Two weeks ago, GSD&M hosted the third annual Industry Party during SXSW. For those of you who were there, you can vouch for us when we say it was a rocking fun time. Our partygoers were treated to a night of good food & drinks and plenty of quality music – all in true GSD&M style. Check out the photo recap of the event on our Facebook page.

We opened our doors to over 3,500 attendees starting at 7pm in the agency and our backyard.

Included in the nights’ festivities were F1 driving simlulators, experiential art demos, delicious snacks from East Side King as well as Royitos and Hat Creek Burgers, specialty cocktails, limitless photo-boothing, and even a giant ball pit (Thanks, Whil!).

Kicking things off on the music side was Wild Cub, whose electronic grooves and guitar jams were a nice ease into the night. Reggie Watts quickly turned that vibe around in the best way possible with his mind-boggling blend of poetry, beat-boxing and improvised loops. Rounding out the evening was Delta Spirit who revved the energy up with their enthusiastic blend of anthemic roots rock. It was the explosive finale we had only dreamed of.

After networking our heads off, dancing all over the place, and many a head-first dives into the pit o’ balls, we were all exhausted. But in the end, we threw an awesome party that brought so many amazing people to our turf and showed them how to have an absolute blast in Austin.

A HUGE thank you to everyone who teamed up to help us host another great SXSW party!!!

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