SXSurrogates Spring Forward

Losing an hour of sleep didn’t affect our SXSurrogates. They remain caffeinated and focused on soaking up all the action of SXSW. When they’re not sitting in on a session, our local street team has been seen preaching the Austin word to all of the attendees. It is very important to us that everyone in town stays nourished, so we’ve been tweeting some great recommendations.

And if you haven’t seen the hub for all of these recommendations, you should check out our map and live Twitter feed. We’ve teamed up with our friends at Google Hotpot to rate our Best Ever’s around town and share them all with you guys, just in time for our party with them tomorrow.

The panels are through for today, so we’ve sent our SXSurrogates home to rest up for tomorrow (we hope), but here’s what some of them took away from today:

Shane talks about why crowds are different than communities.

TED gives away their content, videos and now even source code. Tonda heard from their Executive Producer.

Gaming isn’t just about the hot new app, Elizabeth says it’s about looking at things differently.

Apparently everyone at SXSW didn’t love the time change. Reagan captured the essence with a drawing.

Have you seen Bob Garfield’s beard? Ryan has! He is impressed.

Meet Keli.

Keli’s an Art Director at GSD&M and has been stepping out of her comfort zone at SXSW, attending panels on topics like Sci-Fi and Improv. While Keli swears she is not looking to leave us for a career in stand-up comedy, she did learn that a lot about improv.

She loves Horchata Snow Cones from Sno-Beach. She lives here.

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