SXSW: Day 675,798

I dont remember what life was like before SXSW, and there’s still 2 days left! I feel like I’ve been here forever. Before this I was a conference virgin and I have learned a few things along the way.

1. Don’t feel like you have to do EVERYTHING. No I don’t need to drink ALL of my allotted daily drinks at the Registrants Lounge just so I can have them marked off on my drink card.

2. It’s good to go solo. You will run into other surrogates often in panels. Try to go to see some stuff that everyone won’t be at.

3. One big party night is enough. For me that was last night. I’m done. Before I started this I thought I might have the energy to party every night. I don’t.

4. Tweeting doesn’t suck. In fact it’s kinda fun. I still don’t see myself using it in my day to day life, but for something like this it’s pretty cool.

5. I cant live without an iPad. I borrowed one from work for this event. It’s awesome!

So far though SXSWi has been an amazing experience. From Running into fellow SXSurrogates at the Google Village (super fun) and Closing down the HP Cloud party with others (foggy memory of that) to trekking around the convention center and learning’ stuff and seeing celebs speak. I have to say, it’s all been pretty cool. Who knows, maybe next year I’ll buy my own badge.

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