The Big Star

By Simon Walker

Last Thursday, following the SXSW premiere of the documentary Big Star: Nothing Can Hurt Me, GSD&M sponsored Big Star’s Third – a celebration of one of the most under-celebrated bands in history. I was asked to create the concert poster for what was sure to be a special night.

Being a bit of a closet astronomy nerd, the first thing that came to mind when I started work on the Big Star poster was a literal big star, sectioned up in the style of a diagram showing all the layers beneath the surface. I’d originally wanted it to feel pretty technical, like a page from a text-book or an infographic from a 60’s classroom wall, but the first iterations were a bit too clinical and dry, so it became more focused and stylized as the process went on. My hope is that the final product straddles the line between a science-book illustration and an epic, pseudo-psychedelic band poster.


Details coming soon on where you can buy a print of the poster and support the New Orleans Musicians’ Clinic.

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