The Industry Party is Back!

Last year’s Industry Party was good — knit our entire staircase, bang on a piano and drink a bunch of kegs good. So we’re doing it again! This year we’re inviting all of you (yes, you!) to join us on Monday, March 12th starting at 7 PM.

Music from the Heartless Bastards, The Apache Relay and Motopony is not to be missed. And if you appreciate art (or just like staring at colors) we’re putting together an art gallery with work from Dave Mead, Jack Sanders, Jason ArcherWill Johnson, Klip Collective and more.


We want to thank our wonderful sponsors who are helping bring this party to ya’ll: Southwest Airlines, Samsung, Victoria, Pacifico, Republic Tequila, Tonic Music, Thought Equity, Talent Partners, Boothify, H2Orange, and Royito’s.

What are you waiting for? RSVP here:

Shout out to Gerren Lamson and Marc Ferrino for the awesome poster. 

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