The Pursuit of Harley Davidson: Shtick or Smart?

Not going to write a long post – but wanted to share what Steve Winsor at Victors & Spoils is up to. Rather than just hoping his group will end up on Harley Davidson’s highly sought after RFP list…he and his team have instead decided to go ahead and start working on the brand. No talking. Just doing.

He’s opened it up to his agency team…

They’ve also created a platform that enables crowdsourcing….

They will only charge for ideas that Harley Davidson buys…

And they’ve essentially invited/challenged Harley to give them a chance.

Whether or not Harley Davidson engages- time will tell. Regardless, V&S has changed the way the review process works. And even if they don’t end up laughing all the way to the bank…they are certainly already laughing all the way to the top of the press.

So, maybe a little schtick…but also smart. So so smart.


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