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SXSWi 2011 has been an amazing experience!  This year I gained a new perspective on the event as an interactive attendee.  While I enjoy hanging with the best of them at the (literally) hundreds of parties that happen throughout the festival, I’m the nerd who really had the most fun listening in on the panels.  I’m an information junkie and I want to know what makes these business leaders, brands, and agencies succeed in today’s changing marketplace.

The final keynote address from TOMS founder Blake Mycoskie was one of those inspirational sessions that was a true highlight for me this year.

While the story of TOMS is a great one, it’s success is largely based on building a company around the purpose of giving.   Below are three key takeaways on what you find when you incorporate giving into your business model:

  1. Customers become your greatest marketers and your biggest advocates.
  2. You attract and retain the most amazing employees.
  3. You attract the most amazing business partners and business opportunities.

It was announced in today’s keynote that on June 7th 2011 TOMS will unveil what’s next for the company as they truly embrace moving beyond a “shoe” company to become a “one for one” company.

I leave this year’s interactive festival filled with excitement about what lies ahead for digital media and inspired by the business leaders who are shaping how consumers engage with their brands.  I look forward to June 7th, and can’t wait to see what’s next!

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