When Facebook Knows You Better Than You Know Yourself

Today, while cranking through some research projects, I popped my earphones in and decided to let Pandora take me away. Before I could log in, a sweet and somewhat obscure song started playing, bringing back some very specific memories from my past. (First great loves, first great heartache, you know what I mean). I closed my eyes and listened. I smiled and blinked back a tear. And as it ended, I looked up at my screen and realized that I had yet to log in. Then I saw the note scrolling across the top that said “Facebook is choosing these songs based on your preferences.” Excuse me? I hadn’t logged in yet, nor had I integrated the two via Facebook connect.

I realized through a quick Google search that a partnership between Facebook and Pandora was inked over a year ago- but today was the first day that without prompting Facebook or Pandora, Facebook served up a memory, that I had somehow forgotten.

And so it begins. What do you do and how do you feel when Facebook knows you a bit better than you know yourself?

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