Why Do We Have To Do It This Way?

The way I see it, our job is to always question the things we take for granted.  Challenge the status quo.  Never accept what most people would chalk up as just being part of “human nature.”

Our job is to look at something we’ve seen a thousand times and see something new.

As advertisers, we’re the world’s disruptors.   It’s what we do.

In high school, we were always the ones who interrupted the teacher to ask the same question again and again, “Why?”

“Why do we have to do it this way?  Why can’t we do it another way?”

With digital and especially mobile technology, that question is being asked on a daily basis.

In this article from the New York Times, there are a number of provocative questions from the past several decades, the answers to which we now take for granted.

1967: Why is it necessary to wait in line for a human teller if all you want to do is withdraw cash?

1974: Why shouldn’t your document on the computer screen look the same way it will when it’s printed?

1991: If shampoo always settles to the bottom of the bottle, why is the cap on top?

Recently, a San Francisco company has been asking an equally groundshaking question: Why can’t everyone accept credit cards?

So look around and think about the ways you do things throughout the day and ask yourself, “Why do I have to do it this way?” or “Isn’t there a better, smarter, faster, more enjoyable way to do this?”

You bet your ass there is.  So keep challenging the status quo.  Keep asking questions.

Your answer is the innovation the world is waiting for.

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