Why The X Games Really Wants to be in Austin

By Lee Sunga

Because we’re cowboys – like you.
Because we’re obsessed with progression – like you.
Because we’re pioneers – like you.
Because we go big, and we don’t go home – we are home.

Because you want our BBQ – who doesn’t?

Progress, innovation, and that indelible pioneer spirit have found a new frontier in the United States. And it’s called Austin, TX.

It’s the spirit that inspires someone, anyone, to try something they’ve never done before – student, artist, creative, chef, athlete. You call it experimentation. In Austin, we call it weird. And we like it that way. We welcome and embrace it. Because you’ve got to be on the margins to be able to see the new horizon. You have to get a little weird. You have to welcome the chaos of the unknown. We don’t know what we’re doing out here – but we’re doing it. And it’s making us faster, smarter, crazier, better, newer.

X Games wants to be part of all this new. X Games wants to be on the frontier, with us. It’s the reason you exist. And it’s the reason we’re all here.

Come to Austin, X Games.

Let’s get weird.Image courtesy of X Games Austin


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