Some people might call me ‘overly competitive,’ but yes, I want to win at everything. So on that front (and only that front), Charlie Sheen and I are on the same page. Apparently others share this feeling, too, and it’s good to know I’m not alone. But it does make winning a lot harder when you realize others are out there competing against you.

Right now, I’m trying to figure out how to win at SXSW and what exactly that means. Unlike Ryan, I successfully registered yesterday (WIN) when there was no line (WIN). But they were out of swag bags since I got there early (FAIL). I biked to work today to avoid traffic and got here faster than if I’d driven (WIN)… and avoided filling up my car (WIN) since my tank is empty. I got a breakfast taco in a bowl at Whole Foods, which is just like the hot food bar but much much cheaper (WIN). And was so busy congratulating myself for being smart, that I forgot to get a fork (FAIL).

‘#winning’ and ‘#fail,’both came up conversationally in my first session today – which had nothing to do with winning or failing (and everything to do with #getmeinterns). It’s seems to be a new filter through which we view events and situations. we even have blogs for both ( and

I’ll be mentally tallying my WINS and FAILS for the next couple days. And eventually posting something relevant…


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