Words of Wisdom from Barry Diller

Of the many things Barry Diller touched on during the All Things Media discussion, one of the more powerful statements, to me anyway, was “if you don’t have a business, you’re not doing anything interesting.” Barry who is chairman of Expedia and the chairman and senior executive of IAC and with years of experience at Paramount Pictures, FOX and USA Broadcasting, understands what it takes to be successful. He said, “any one with an idea, and with some backing will be able to do whatever they want. Possibilities are endless.”

He went on to say, “get enough money to get it [idea] started, give away as little as possible, keep your head down, don’t listen or talk to anybody, listen to your audience, and keep going on your path. It will go gloriously or it will fail. But you’ll get to do it over again. Everything else is a waste of time.”

One of our fearless leaders and co-founder of GSD&M Roy Spence has a similar outlook. If you have an idea, dream big and go out and do it. But more so than that, create something that is new, never been done before and a clearly defined purpose will help guide you along the way.

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