ADD and how to get work done

First session of the day was Tools and Processes for ADD Project Managers and Entrepreneurs. Started this one at 9:30 without any coffee…ugh. Fortunately, it was an entertaining and enlightening session.

First point of enlightenment – ADD is genetic. I have felt like ADD was environmental since the longer I work at GSD&M the more ADD I feel. I blamed it on all the new projects, clients and agency demands in combination with new gadgets and apps that are constantly pulling our attention in multiple ways.  I still don’t know if I completely agree but, hey, they have done the research so I will go along with it.

Second point of enlightenment – ADD affects four areas of your brain. Because of that it manifests in different ways for different people. Kind of like the fact that no two snowflakes are alike, no two cases of ADD are alike. Interesting because this explains why so many people have such different experiences with ADD.Overall, there were some very valid points about how ADD can be managed and worked with/around.

  • Exercise – Cardio exercise can help regulate the brain for people with ADD.
  • Self Awareness – know your limitations and be transparent with people. However, don’t use ADD as a crutch or excuse. But telling people about your limitations will help others plan and schedule in ways that work with ADD.
  • Physical Removal – We live in a world where we do everything everywhere. Train yourself that in certain places you do certain things. If I am here then it means I am doing this.

I thought the purpose of this session was going to be to teach me how to be a better project manager and maybe to give me some tips and tricks to make managing multiple projects easier. However, when I think about it more, I think this session falls in with connecting people. It was very informative about how to work with ADD and I think this will help to connect people within the agency. There are probably quite a few people who are ADD at GSD&M and knowing what I know will help me to work with those people better.

Great session, great information and good presentation.

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