Black Lives Matter

“I don’t worry about PEOPLE WHO LOVE, I worry about PEOPLE WHO HATE.”

Racism, discrimination and hatred are wrong. In fact, each of those things kill human beings. The agency has a storied history of standing up to issues of racism, discrimination and hatred. The movement and energy always start with those who raise their voice. Those who speak the truth. Thank you BLK (GSD&M’s Black affinity group) for speaking your heart and your truth with us during this time and know that I, as well as the rest of the leadership team, stand with you. Always. GSD&M is a safe zone. We are here to listen, support and advocate for each and every one of you, no matter what.




“People see you for WHO THEY THINK YOU ARE without seeing you for WHO YOU REALLY ARE.”

Why does that happen? It is because we are fed that misinformation from music, movies, TV and, yes, advertising. Just like COVID-19 stopped the world in its tracks, George Floyd and others gave their lives to allow us all to rethink, restart and revive how we embrace multiculturalism in America. This “new normal” will require everyone, not just People of Color, to excel at racial, ethnic and cultural awareness so that stereotypes are a thing of the past. In the meantime, our CEO, Duff Stewart, and president, Marianne Malina, continue to embrace the GSD&M tradition of standing up for what is right for our people, our clients and, most importantly, our culture by supporting our Black employees and others affected by this personally and professionally. GSD&M would not have it any other way.



Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity has been defined as the art of thinking independently together. At GSD&M, Diversity & Inclusion means a collaboration of race, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability and thought. We grow and nurture a safe environment for our people so that we can fuel and champion a creative environment for ideas.

Affinity Groups

Affinity Groups are GSD&Mers who share a passion, life stage or culture, who have common pastimes, goals or causes, and want a stronger bond within the GSD&M community. Whether it’s what you were born as or what you were born to do, there is an affinity group for you!

  • ASI&N
    ASI&N unites GSD&Mers with South, Southeastern and Eastern Asian as well as those with Pacific Islander heritage to create a community to disseminate knowledge and build awareness about the diversity and breadth of the Asian culture to affect change in GSD&M’s work and culture in general.
  • ASI&N
    GSDyM fosters the positive cultural and ethnic appreciation of GSD&Mers of Latin and Hispanic heritage. The goal is to spotlight the challenges and triumphs that affect our community by enlightening our clients and fellow GSD&Mers about the different societies that are not only building our country but our clients’ business as well.
  • ASI&N
    BLK is the first established Affinity Group at GSD&M and continues to lead the conversation about what it means to be Black at work, home and society in general. BLK encourages our fellow GSD&Mers to enrich GSD&M’s work with Black diaspora that reflects the customers of our clients by education, inspiration and celebration of the Black experience.
  • GSDads&Moms
    OUT& is an Employee Resource Group at GSD&M, which is an all-encompassing group of GSD&Mers who are either a member of the LGBTQIA+ community or an ally. Because of “I PEE with LGBT,” GSD&M has had a long history of support of this community, so OUT& continues to advance an affirmative and progressive perspective to elevate representation of different sexual orientation and gender identifications in advertising and culture in general.
  • GSDads&Moms
    GSDads&Moms is a Parents Employee Resource Group designed to support the important work of raising children. Regardless of how a GSD&Mer becomes a parent, we are here to support, from aspiration of having a child to the perspiration of raising one.
  • GSDads&Moms
    WOM&N is a subsidiary of our parent’s Omniwomen Employee Resource Group that champions women in the workplace and empowers them to take on leadership roles within Omnicom, GSD&M and their community as well.

Ally Employee Resource

Inspired by our client Capital One and recent events, GSD&M is introducing 99.9%, the Ally Employee Resource group, which is dedicated to the advancement of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion for GSD&Mers, our clients, culture and our work. The evolution must start with the strength of all races, ethnicities, gender identities, sexual orientations, ages, life stages and perspectives. We have representation in all areas, and we are now using it for the good of our agency and the world.

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Vendor Partner Inclusion supports GSD&M in its pursuit of “ideas that make a difference” by partnering with bold, creatively driven vendors who build our clients’ brands while reinvesting in their own diverse communities. REGISTER AS A VENDOR
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